29-year-old lied that she has cancer to raise € 10.000 from charity and make the perfect wedding

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He was deceiving people by making a 29-year-old woman sick in order to raise money to do the wedding of her dreams.

He deceived people by making her sick: He was sentenced to five months in prison

Specifically, Toni Standen will spend the next five months of her life in prison, as she claimed she had cancer, in order to raise money for the perfect marriage.

Standen informed her inner circle that she had cancer and had even reached the final stage, as she had metastasized to many parts of the body. She even got to the point of creating scars and scars on her head to make it believable.

And she succeeded, as her friends, but also strangers who were moved by her story, raised a large amount so that she and her partner - who was also deceived - have the wedding they would like.

She did not hesitate to "put in the game" even her father, who had actually left cancer a while earlier, in order to charge her victims even more emotionally.

Her fraud was revealed, as well as on the day of her wedding, but also what followed. Shortly before her fraud became known, she claimed that she was also infected with a coronavirus and somewhere there the suspicions began to become certain, as a result of which everything came to light.

She was deceiving people by making her sick: She announced her death on Facebook

In total, she managed to raise more than 8.000 pounds, while she did not hesitate to announce her death by posting it on Facebook! Of course, this in order to gather the eyes, before the fraud is fully revealed.