An airline removes all seats from its boats

An airline removes all seats from its boats

He believes that this will reduce the cost of tickets

With the phrase "Welcome to hell!" The British newspaper Independent presents the plan of the airline VivaColombia to remove all seats from the planes forcing the passengers to stand up.

With this move, the company hopes to reduce ticket prices in order to have more passengers on each flight and to "attract" working-class travelers who have to be transported to Colombia for work.

The founder and CEO of the company stressed that the trip for standing is being considered. There are people "who are researching whether we can fly with standing passengers, we are interested in anything that makes travel less expensive".

In fact, he added the following: "Who cares if we do not have an entertainment system for a one-hour flight? Who cares that there are no marble floors… or that you will not get free peanuts?

This is an idea that is not new to other airlines that have worked on it in the past. In 2003, Airbus introduced a "standing position" plan, according to which passengers will be in a vertical "position".

Ryanair also described the seats as "bar stools with seat belts" and said seat belts were not necessary. "If there is ever a collision on an aircraft, God forbid, a seat belt will not save you. You do not need a seat belt in the London Underground. "You do not need a seat belt on trains that travel at 120 miles per hour," he said.

However, the civil aviation authorities disagree, as the vertical posts have not been approved in any country at the moment, without ruling out that this could happen in Colombia.

Civil Aviation Director Alfredo Bocanegra said he did not approve. "People have to travel like human beings," he said, adding that "anyone who has traveled on public transport knows that it is not best to stand up."