Strict restrictions on German MPs by Wolfgang Schieble

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German lawmakers protested after Wolfgang Schieble, the new president of the Bundestag, announced his decision to ban tweets from the German parliament.

In a letter to the German media today, the country's former finance minister told lawmakers that "using devices to take pictures, post on Twitter or send messages from the plenary is not in line with its procedures. Bundestag ».

German politicians may lag behind their counterparts in other countries in communicating with voters via Twitter, but the move has sparked strong protests. "This will not be my last conversation on this subject," was the message posted on her Twitter account by Conservative MP Dorothy Burr, who with more than 64.000 followers is one of the most popular political figures on social networking sites in Germany. .

"We can watch parliament live, but we can not tweet from there," was the message from her Liberal counterpart, Frank Sita.

"A handwritten letter through the room would be OK? Does not make sense!". Reuters news agency notes that it has not been clarified whether these tweets were sent through the plenary hall.