Akar: "The Greeks are myth-obsessed - Greece has left Lausanne"

The Turkish Defense Minister, Hulusi Akar, characterizes the Greeks as "mythologists and sick" in his new statements

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The Turkish Defense Minister, Hulusi Akar, from Isparta, Turkey, characterizes the Greeks as "mythologists and sick" in his new statements, who went a step further regarding the islands, claiming that with their equipment, Greece has effectively withdrawn from itself from the Treaty of Lausanne. Hulusi Akar's statements appeared on the front pages of two Turkish newspapers today. Millet
They have been taken over by mythomania
Akar made the diagnosis for Greece
– Some Greek politicians lie at every opportunity and defame Turkey. In the medical literature this is called mythomania. Lying disease. So much so that they believed the lie themselves. We wish them good luck!
– We work in such a way that the situation is fully under our control.
– They accuse us of being "neo-Ottomanists" even though there is no such thing. There is something called a 'Big Idea'. Nobody talks about it. We talk about dialogue and insist on it. Why; Because we are right, we are strong, we are always ready for dialogue.


Greece is considered to have withdrawn from Lausanne

In statements by H. Akar in the newspaper he states that

  • since Greece armed the islands in violation of Articles 12 of Lausanne and 14 of Paris, it means exiting the Lausanne and Paris agreements.
  • Some Greek politicians have become myth-obsessed.
  • We are doing everything we can to deal with the situation.
  • Our most important issue is for Westerners to be objective.
  • The spirit of '74 is alive.
  • The embargo has been lifted, but we will see how it will be implemented. We are watching you day and night. There are no weaknesses in these matters. We will never allow ourselves to be weak there. International law, our right to be guarantors, the rights of our brothers there, what should be done within the law has been done so far and will be done in the future. We stand by our Cypriot brothers in their righteous cause, as in 1974, the same is true today. To learn their lesson from history.
  • The former president of a country defends Tripolitsa, i.e. the massacre. There are Albanians, Turks, Jewish civilians and Greeks among those killed. People don't defend the slaughter.
  • Purchase of F-16 from the US The process for purchase is proceeding. There is no reason to start a new search at this time. But of course we are not without alternatives.

Geni Akit

Creation of bases in Albania and Macedonia as retaliation on the Greek islands

Turkish newspaper article makes a suggestion.

"Turkey has friends in the Balkans like Albania and Macedonia. Our army has military cooperation agreements with the armies of the two countries. Both countries suffered greatly from Greece. Greece poses many difficulties to these countries in both the EU and NATO accession processes. They even changed the name of Macedonia. If these countries agree, Turkish bases can be established there. If this is done, Turkey will have encircled Greece in retaliation for the equipment