She heard her cat howl and was shocked by the spectacle she saw

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In front of an incredible image was the woman

In front of a shocking image was found at noon on Friday 26/10 a woman in the city of Verulam, in Durban, South Africa, when she saw her neighbor having sex with her cat!

The woman was mobilized when she heard her favorite pet screaming and went to his house to see what exactly was going on.

Arriving at the spot, she saw the neighbor naked, holding her cat by the hind legs and engaging in sexual intercourse.

Shocked, she called the police. When the authorities arrived at his house, they saw the herdsman getting dressed, while his pants were full of cat hair.

According to a police spokesman, "the man moved away from his property as neighbors expressed concern for the safety of children living in the surrounding area."

As it became known, this was not the first time that this person was accused of bestiality, as in the past he has been caught in the act of sexually abusing dogs and cats.

"According to the locals, in the past he has been caught having sex with a dog and other cats. "The incidents were not reported as his partner had asked to be forgiven," the police spokesman said.