She found out that her husband had a second family from… the newspaper (video)

The incredible story that sprang from a simple poll on TikTok

She found out that her husband had a second family from ... the newspaper

A birth announcement in a newspaper was enough to reveal that a man had started two different families. You see, the child in the newspaper ad was from the other family.

Ami Addison confessed the incredible story to TikTok when she took part in an online poll. The question was "how did you find out that your husband is cheating on you?".

Only in this case, he did not learn that he simply cheated on her, but that he had created a second family.

So a mother of four children, discovered her husband's infidelity, after seeing a birth announcement in the newspaper with his name mentioned as… dad.

"I have a wonderful story," she said in the video, which has more than 220.000 views, and then explained how her 10-year marriage ended.

So she said that while she was in her office, her eye fell on something. Suspicious. It was a birth post, as then they put the date of birth, the baby sheet and the names of the parents.

"So I see my husband's name and another woman's name," she explained. What did he do next? He looked at the hospital website to see if the births were published. "I typed his name and her name… They had a baby boy a few days ago", but then it got even worse: "And not only that, they had a baby girl about a year and a half before that. And that's how I learned about my husband's infidelity. "

What he did next was take the children and leave him. When the dust settled, she remembered the endless hours that her husband worked overtime or also the many times she went out on business appointments for food, etc.

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