"Come on, get a paddle!" - Captain refuses to refuel a Russian ship

The island of Zmiinyi or Fidonisi starred in the first days of the war in Ukraine - Georgian sailors imitated the act

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The Zmiinyi island or otherwise Fidonisi starred in the first days of the war in Ukraine as on it Ukrainian soldiers, refused to surrender to Russian forces.

As seen in that video that went around the world, Russian military ship approached the island. Russian forces threatened the soldiers that if they did not surrender, they would open fire on them. The Ukrainian soldiers responded «Άντε γ @@@ τε» and then they "gassed" them. In fact, immediately after the Russian ultimatum, the Ukrainian border guards are discussing whether they should respond to the Russians. «Άντε γ @@@ τε». Then the Ukrainian soldier repeats loudly, in a stuttering voice, addressing the Russian attackers: «Αντε γ @@@ τε ».

This act was now imitated by some Georgian sailors. In particular, a video shows a Georgian deputy captain saying to a Russian ship requesting refueling: "We refuse to supply your ship. "Russian ship, come on!" says the deputy captain, repeating the last words of the Ukrainians in Fidonisi. «C @@@ new squats» says his colleague. "What will happen if we run out of fuel?" says the Russian ship. "Use your oars", Georgianos answers again.

Watch the video: