Attempted hijacking with a fake weapon in Bangladesh

Attempted hijacking with a fake weapon in Bangladesh

The perpetrator is dead

The Bangladeshi passenger, who threatened to blow up a plane bound for Dhaka yesterday and who fell dead from the bullets of the men of the special forces, was holding a fake pistol and did not carry explosives, the police announced today.

Yesterday, a 142-passenger Biman Bangladesh Airlines flight to Dubai returned to Chittagong where it made an emergency landing due to the suspicious behavior of a passenger who appeared to want to hijack.

The pilot decided to make an emergency landing when a crew member told him that the passenger was behaving suspiciously, raising concerns about the possible existence of a hijacking plan.

The Boeing 737 would be headed from Dhaka to Dubai via Chittagong.

The would-be hijacker tried to enter the cockpit and threatened to have a gun. When all 148 passengers got off safely and stormed the plane, the special forces shot him and a little later the suspect ended up.

It is not yet clear why the suspect attempted to hijack and police are investigating how the man managed to board the flight.

Army officials said he was a 25-year-old Bangladeshi man.

"She seemed to be mentally unstable. We heard that he had a personal issue with his wife and (that) he demanded to talk to the Prime Minister. But we are still researching it. "We do not want to draw any conclusions yet," said Chitagong police chief Kusum Deuan.

For his part, the chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority, Najim Hassan, told Reuters that "it is the responsibility of this agency to investigate every passenger before boarding and that this had been done on this aircraft as well, but for us the question is how he boarded with a pistol ”.

"We are now focusing on two issues - his past and his identity and the security issue of how he got on a pistol."

Biman Bangladesh was founded in 1972 and flies to 16 countries.