Argentina: Submarine that disappeared in the Atlantic was found a year later

181117 SanJuan Argentina, SUBMARINE

ARA San Juan has disappeared and its fate has been unknown since November 15, 2017

The American company Ocean Infinity, which was commissioned by the Argentine authorities to search for the missing ARA San Juan submarine, which disappeared and its fate has been unknown since November 15, 2017, found it on Friday, the Latin American Navy announced via Twitter.

"The Argentine Ministry of Defense and the Navy inform that the examination of the object 24 which was located by the company Ocean Infinity with the help of a remote-controlled device at a depth of 800 meters allowed the detection of ARA San Juan," the staff said in a statement. .

Authorities in Argentina, which had suspended the search for the country's newest Navy submarine on December 1, decided to resume operations in late October after awarding the contract for a fee to Ocean Infinity.

The submarine, with 44 crew members, disappeared after reporting an electrical problem. Ships, aircraft, equipment and experts from about a dozen countries, from the United States to Russia, were recruited for the search, which was fruitless until Friday. The loss of the submarine led to the removal of the head of the General Staff of the Argentine Navy, a month later.

According to the spokesman of the country's Ministry of Defense, Rodolfo Ramazzo, now "a new chapter is opening": "After analyzing the situation in which the submarine is, we will see how we will proceed", said Todo Noticias on the television network of Argentina.