CEO Pfizer: "Coronavirus ends in 2022 - There will be new mutations" (BINTEO)

Screenshot 2021 09 27 150424 Pfizer

Within the next year, Pfizer CEO Albert Burla estimated the end of the pandemic, adding that the coronavirus would then develop into a seasonal flu.

Albert Boula, speaking to ABC News, was asked about the statements of Moderna CEO Stefan Bancel, who predicted that the pandemic "will end within the next year", while he claimed that the citizens will either be vaccinated and have a good winter, or , most likely, they will get sick and may need hospitalization.

"I agree with the view that within a year we will be able to return to normal life," said the head of Pfizer. However, he clarified that "this does not mean that new mutations will cease to concern us".

"The most likely scenario is the annual vaccinations"
After the end of the pandemic, Albert Burla is vaccinated every year. "I think the most likely scenario is annual vaccinations. But we do not really know. "We have to wait and see the data," he said.
At the same time, he characterized the booster dose against the coronavirus as a very positive step and the decision of the American CDC for the third dose for the elderly and vulnerable as "very good". "We look forward to being able to vaccinate all these vulnerable people so that we can put an end to this pandemic," he added.

Referring to children, he noted that pediatric coronavirus infections are at alarming levels, adding that they will soon submit data to the US Food and Drug Administration for review.