He made a cake with marijuana, but his mother treated her elderly friends - He risks prison

The woman happily offered her friends the cakes that her son had made. But after a while people started laughing inexplicably and dizzy.

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Michael James Koranda had visited Colorado and bought special marijuana butter. In Colorado, its use is legal for entertainment. When he returned home, he decided to use butter in Taibor, South Dakota.

To be precise, with the one kilo of marijuana butter he had bought, he decided to make a cake, which he would eat at some point with his friends. After copying and making the cakes he went to bed.

At the same time, however, his 73-year-old mother had to visit her elderly friends at a nursing home in Timor-Leste. Because she wanted to give them a present, when she found the cakes in the kitchen, she imaginatively thanked her advanced child who made them. She wrapped them and took them with her.

He treated the whole nursing home

At the care center she treated her elderly friends and shortly after the side effects began. Unexplained laughter from the elderly, dizziness, a sense of disorientation. In fact, the doctor of the center in his testimony later in court said: "All the inmates seemed to be under the influence of THC"

The police were called immediately and when all the elderly people said that they had eaten cakes then the police understood. The woman was searched who, in her ignorance, said that the cakes were made by her son with butter that he had brought from his trip to Colorado.

He is in danger of being severely punished

Michael James Koranda has been arrested and is now facing charges that include the felony. He faces up to five years in prison and a $ 5 fine. The trial is ongoing and Michael has been released on $ 10.000 bail.

THC is the most well-known cannabis substance and one of the 113 elements found in cannabis.