PICTURES: Woman breastfeeds her fiancé twice a week - "It's best as a prelude"

A couple revealed a very special fetish in the documentary

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She missed the time she was breastfeeding her two children - and decided to start breastfeeding her φό partner.

This strange statement was made by Lena Michaels who met her partner, Sean, through a dating application aimed at vegans.

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As he says, this practice works perfectly for them as… preliminary.

Lena, who used to be a teacher, has a 7-year-old daughter and an 11-year-old son from a previous relationship. As they have grown a lot, she missed the time she was breastfeeding them.

The couple starred in a Channel 4 documentary, with the eloquent title "Breastfeeding My Partner", which deals with breastfeeding adults.

As Lena explained, they experimented with breastfeeding 18 months ago for the first time and she claims that their practice irritates them.

It is now such an important part of their sex life that Lena admits she can't stop it.

Speaking to the Sun, he explained: "I was breastfeeding my children and I really missed that feeling."

She continued to breastfeed her daughter until she was two years old, but now "I do not want to have another child and my children are too old now, but I liked the idea of ​​breastfeeding Sean".

Before the pandemic, the couple left the south of Britain for a new life in Spain - and there they began to experiment with their sex life.

The couple, who are in an open relationship, thought of turning to practice after an orgy with another married couple.

"I was licking another woman's breast when I started to feel milk in my mouth. "It made me think of breast milk in a sexual way and that's how it all started," he explained.

After this experience, Lena did an internet search on the subject and learned that she could regain milk flow if she was taking herbal supplements.

She tried it and, as she claims, three days later her breasts filled with milk - and Sean tried it.


"We have sex about five days a week while Sean breastfeeds once or twice a week," Lena explained, noting that her breasts grew by a number because of the milk.

Sean claims that breastfeeding irritates and relaxes him at the same time.

"The energy that flows between us while breastfeeding can lead to beautiful sex," she said.

The couple, who talk openly about their fetishes, added that breastfeeding is not the only thing they try in the bedroom.

"We play the doctor and the patient or the teacher and the student. We also go to a partner exchange club ".

They also want to show the world that adult breastfeeding is not "weird" and should not be taboo.

"There are more negative effects when keeping an animal enslaved, such as cows, than drinking human milk, which is made for our species," says Sean.

"There is no cruelty or pain in breastfeeding adults. She likes it, I like it - and I get nutrients. "She is happy, I'm happy, so where is the problem?"

The Mirror reports that some research suggests that there may be health benefits to consuming breast milk after adulthood, but this has not been proven.

After all, a 2015 survey, as the newspaper adds, showed that many relevant allegations are untrue.

But that does not bother Sean and Lena.

The couple, who have set up their own pornography business since their plan to work as teachers in Spain failed, charge their fans to watch videos of them having sex - in which, at times, Sean breastfeeds .

Not one, not two, but 7.000 people have bought their videos.

Lena claims that this occupation has boosted her self-confidence: "When I was little, I was very ashamed of my body and at school I did not even change clothes in the locker room, but now I feel much more confident."

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