Hundreds of thousands in the pre-election rally of M. Inze

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Muharrem Ince, Recep Tayyip Erdogan's main rival in Sunday's presidential election, gave a rally in Ankara on Friday night a "last chance" for the outgoing president to face him in a televised battle.

"Tomorrow is the last night. "If you have the courage, face me," said Ince, the Republican Party (CHP) candidate in front of several hundred thousand people who had gathered at a rally in the Turkish capital.

"This is the last proposal I make to you… If you want, I can even cancel my pre-election rally in Istanbul. "Come, and deal with me, let's have a telematch," he said characteristically.

Ince also accused the state-run Anadolu news agency and the state-run TRT television network of violating the constitution as they are not impartial in their coverage of the campaign.

"TRT devoted 181 hours to Erdogan and 15 hours to Muharrem Ince," he said.