US elections: "Biden will remain a candidate", Trump believes

"It was a weird debate, because from the first two minutes, the answers he was giving didn't make a lot of sense," says Trump

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Donald Trump on Monday estimated that Joe Biden will remain the Democratic candidate in the November 5 election, despite pressure from a part of his party to withdraw due to doubts about his health.

"It seems to me that he may very well stay" in the race, "he has an ego, he doesn't want to quit, he doesn't want to do this," the former president said during an interview on Fox News, the first since the two debated. opponents at the end of June.

On that disastrous night for Mr. Biden, the president, 81, appeared tired and confused. "He was very pale, to put it politely," Mr Trump commented last night, adding that when his opponent began to speak, his voice was "weak". "It was a strange debate, because from the first two minutes, the answers he gave didn't make much sense," insisted the Republican.

What the White House says about Biden's health

A spokesman for the White House assured today that he "detected no sign" of concern on the part of NATO member states about the physical condition of President Joe Biden.

"This issue suggests that (allied countries) should be reassured of US leadership and President Biden's commitment to the National Security Council," he was asked during a press briefing about possible concerns on the part of NATO members.

At the same time, it was emphasized that Biden was examined remotely by his doctor today, the White House said, adding that the president has such examinations twice a week. Also, Biden's doctor stated that the American president is not being treated for Parkinson's disease and his doctor sees no reason to re-examine him for this disease.

“Is the president (Joe Biden) being treated for Parkinson's disease? No. (…) Does he take medication for Parkinson's disease? No," the spokeswoman for the American presidency, Karin Jean-Pierre, said today.