Extraordinary convening of the UN General Assembly on Gaza

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The UN General Assembly will hold an emergency meeting on Wednesday at 22:00 Cyprus time on the situation in the Gaza Strip, at the request of the Arab countries, the President of the General Assembly said in a letter to the 193 UN member states. of the Agency, Miroslav Lajτσακk.

During the meeting, a draft resolution on the protection of Palestinian civilians in Gaza and an indirect condemnation of Israel will be put to a vote in a resolution similar to the one voted on in the Security Council a week ago against which the veto was vetoed. US, according to diplomats.

Contrary to the resolutions of the SA, those approved by the General Assembly are not binding.

"We will work next week to garner the maximum number of votes," a diplomat from a country who backed a request for an emergency meeting of the General Assembly told AFP on condition of anonymity.


Source: AlphaNews.live