United Nations: More than half of children displaced in Ukraine

Impact on future generations

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More than half of Ukraine's children have been displaced since Russia began invading the country on February 24, the United Nations said on Thursday.

"A month of war in Ukraine has led to the displacement of 4,3 million children, which is more than half of the country, as the child population is estimated at 7,5 million," said the UNICEF chief.

Displaced children make up almost half of all people (over 10 million) who have been forced to flee their homes since the invasion began.

More than 1,8 million children have fled Ukraine as refugees, while another 2,5 million have been displaced within the country, the UN said.

"The war has caused one of the fastest and most large-scale deportations of children since World War II," said UNICEF chief Kathryn Russell.

He added that this is something that will have a lasting impact on future generations, noting that the safety, well-being and access of children to vital services are under threat from incessant heinous violence.