Rescuers in Philippines seek hope in wreckage (PHOTO)

philippines PHILIPPINES

Rescuers are searching for victims in the devastation left behind by the tropical storm in the southern Philippines, which has killed about 200 people.

About 150 people are still missing after the Storm Tembin hit the area, while another 70.000 fled their homes.

Rescue efforts are hampered by ongoing heavy rain, power cuts and blocked roads.


In the early hours of Sunday morning, Tembin, known as Vinta in the Philippines, was south of the Spratly Islands, heading south to Vietnam. It had gathered strength, with maximum winds of 120km / h (75 mph).

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres lamented the loss of life, adding that the United Nations was ready to help.

Concerns are being raised that the death toll will rise.


Philippine President Rodrigo Dutert will visit the communities affected by the Storm Tembin on Sunday.

Police said 135 people were killed and 72 were missing in northern Mindanao, while 47 were killed and 72 were missing on the Zamboanga Peninsula. Another 18 people died in the province of Lanao del Sur.