Vaccine: What Moderna predicts for the fourth dose

The second booster dose may increase protection levels but may not be necessary for the general population.

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A different view from Albert Bourlas of Pfizer, who estimates that the general population will need a fourth dose of the vaccine Covid-19, said the president of Moderna, who believes that repeat vaccination is necessary only in vulnerable groups.

"She is necessary; I think this word is very strong. "I think it will bring benefits to those who do," Dr. Steven Houg told Business Insider.

The extra booster dose is necessary "for the immunocompromised, the elderly, those over 50 or at least 65," he said. And he stressed cancer patients, in whom vaccination may be less effective.

"For people with cancer, Covid can be a life-threatening disease, even after vaccination. "I do not think we want to play with that," he said.

For the rest of the population the answer to the question of the fourth installment is not clear. "Whether the public health authorities will continue to recommend it to everyone is a more complicated question because there are people who do not want to take the first two doses," said the president of Moderna.

Last month, White House Adviser Anthony Fauci told a news conference that a fourth dose may depend on factors such as age and underlying disease.

"I do not think there will be recommendations that apply to everyone," he said. Available studies show that the protection offered by the initial vaccination declines against symptomatic infection, but remains high in terms of risk of hospitalization and death.

Houg, however, said he intends to be vaccinated repeatedly each year to avoid the long-term effects of so-called long Covid. "Long Covid sounds bad," he said.

He estimated that the double vaccine that his company is preparing to test for the prevention of Omicron and previous variants of the coronavirus is the appropriate approach to the pandemic.

"We believe that the double booster dose is the right answer for 2022. I believe that if you do it in the fall it will offer good protection for at least six months, maybe nine."