Is the end of the monarchy in Britain coming? - "Prince George will not be crowned king"

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The novelist Hillary Mandel "sees" the end of the monarchy in Britain, and in fact very soon.

According to the 69-year-old author in an interview with the "Times", Prince George will never be crowned king, which means that there are only two generations of British blue bloods left.

Despite the devotion shown by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles, he believes that the monarchy will not survive. "It is very difficult to understand the rationale behind the institution of monarchy in the modern world, when people see members of the royal family as celebrities."

"The kingdom is so old that it has a dimension of holiness," notes the 69-year-old British novelist.

Asked how much she believes the institution of the monarchy can stand the test of time, Hillary Mandel answers only for two more generations. And if that is the case, it means that Prince George will never be crowned king. a 64 520x600 1 royal family, Britain

The role of Prince George

It is worth noting that - according to the Daily Mail - Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, discussed with Prince George at the age of 7 that he has a special role and duties as a future heir to the throne.

However, sources close to the Palace point out that William and Kate have chosen as normal a life as possible for their children.