Erdogan: We made a mistake saying 'yes' to Greece's reintegration into NATO

"We made a mistake saying 'yes' to Greece's reintegration into NATO"

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Recep Tayyip Erdogan called for the understanding of NATO allies today, speaking to his party's parliamentary group, referring to Turkey's refusal to join Finland and Sweden, while reiterating that it was wrong for Greece to rejoin the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. 80.

"This mistake was made once with Greece. Greece and France had left NATO and unfortunately we then said 'yes' to return. "The Muslim enters the hole once, he does not enter again a second time," he claimed.

The Turkish president again prevented the delegations of Finland and Sweden from coming to Turkey for talks, because it would be an unfair effort.

"They say they want to come on Monday. Do not get tired of anything, there is no need. "Terrorist organizations are still in Sweden and they are doing well."

In his speech, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that "we are among the countries that support the alliance more than any other country, but this does not mean that we will say 'yes' to every proposal without looking for it. It is, at least, inconsistent to support the PKK / YPG terrorist organization and ask us for support for NATO membership. We asked for 30 terrorists from Sweden, they said they would not give them. You are not handing us over to terrorists, but you are asking us to join NATO. "We will not say 'yes' to make NATO insecure," he said, adding that "we expect our allies to understand, respect and support our sensitivity." We are sensitive to protecting our borders from terrorism. "None of our allies showed respect for this sensitivity, as we expected."