Erdogan: Those who are our friends win, those who are our enemies lose

"We want to increase our number of friends"

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"We want to increase the number of our friends", the Turkish president repeated this evening after the cabinet meeting, however making sure to remind that "those who are friends with Turkey win, those who are its enemies lose".

"We are looking - he said - at the way to increase the number of our friends and for this purpose, we are practicing a policy based on peace, dialogue, win-win, equality, justice, morality and people throughout the world, starting with our immediate environment. Although sometimes we have to pay a price for this, Turkey has always been the winner in the medium and long term and Turkey will continue to be the winner," he said.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan once again praised the achievements of his defense industry.

“In the defense industry, we have not only met our own needs, but also become one of the technology pioneers worldwide. It is natural that Turkey, as a country that grows on the strong infrastructures it has created, can face the global status quo in every region and on every platform", he noted.