Snoop Dogg ready to take over Twitter with 81% of users backing him

3,3 million entries

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After the disapproval of Twitter users in the person of the owner of the platform Elon Musk following a poll he conducted, Snoop Dogg declares that he is ready to succeed him.

While in Musk's poll, 57,5% voted in favor of his resignation, in Snoop Dogg's, an overwhelming 81% of the 3,3 million respondents responded positively to the question he posed: "Should I take over Twitter, yes or not;"

Meanwhile, in the latest episode of the podcast Let's Go! where he participated, he was asked to answer the question "when and with whom have you masturbated the most in your life?".

"With Willie Nelson in Amsterdam last April" was the answer, which did not cause serious surprises, as the deep and "century-long" relationship of the 89-year-old famous country star is known.