Europol: Jihadist attacks in Europe more than doubled in 2017

shutterstock 172057055 EUROPOL, Europe, JIHADIC ATTACKS

The number of jihadist attacks in Europe more than doubled in 2017, according to Europol's annual report.

The agency warns of the risk of attacks on behalf of the Islamic State, and according to the annual report, 33 such attacks or attempts were recorded last year. In 10 of them 62 people lost their lives while in 2016 there were 13 attacks, of which 10 were fatal and the number of dead reached 135.

"The number of terrorist jihadist attacks has increased but at the same time the level of preparation and execution has been less advanced," the report said.

The head of Europol's Counter-Terrorism Service, Manuel Navarrete, said:

"The main threat comes from foreign terrorist fighters, although the number of those returning to Europe is quite low."

It is noted that of the nearly 5.000 Europeans who joined the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, about 1.500 returned and 1.000 were killed.