Smallpox: "Evidence shows need for increased vigilance"

After Britain, cases were also found in Spain and Portugal

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After Britain, cases were also found in Spain and Portugal. In his post on the topic on social media, Professor of Epidemiology Gikas Majorkinis talks about three epidemiological points that are of interest.

Gika Majorkini's post in detail:

"Regarding the spread of the monkey pox virus, we have at least 3 epidemiological points of interest:

1) data converge on prolonged transmission between humans and not humans from infected animals (as we have seen in the past)
2) for the first time in history we see spread to more than one European country
3) the cases are not all directly related to each other, so there are definitely undiagnosed (asymptomatic?) Carriers of the disease

In any case it is not an epidemic like the ones we knew about this virus and we are used to, and therefore it is important to think out of the box, as there is a possibility to see a significant change in the behavior of the virus as a result of reduced immunity from the smallpox vaccine.
"Without believing that there is a direct cause for concern, I would say that the data show a need for increased vigilance."