European elections 2024: The countries with the greatest abstention – Negative lead for Croatia

The countries with the lowest abstinence rates

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With a turnout of around 21%, Croatia, the country that is so far the last to join the European Union, is also the country whose voters had the lowest turnout in electing their MEPs.

That's according to results released this morning by the EU. Only 21,34% of voters, less than one in four voters and fewer than in 2014 and 2019, went to the polls yesterday, Sunday. .

The other countries with the lowest abstinence rates

Last but not least, Lithuania saw 28,9% of its citizens go to the polls, followed by Bulgaria with 31,8%. At the other end of the ranking, Belgium comes first with 89,2%, followed by Luxembourg (82,3%) and Malta (72,8%). In the EU, voting is compulsory in Belgium, Luxembourg, Greece and Bulgaria.

Croatia, with 3,8 million inhabitants, sends 12 members to the European Parliament.

Yesterday, Sunday, he led the ruling HDZ (Hrvatska Demokratska Zajednica, conservative right) with 34,6% of the vote, a percentage that secures him 6 seats. In second place, the SDP Socialists send 4 MPs with 26% of the vote.

The right-wing nationalist party Patriotic Movement DP (8,8%) and the ecological left party Mozemo (5,9%) each hold one seat, according to the election's official website.

In 2019, HDZ and SDP each had 4 seats, while the other two formations had none. The remaining seats had gone to other parties.

In Croatia, there has never been a mass participation in the European elections: in 2014, a year after its entry into the European Union, 25,24% of Croatians voted and in 2019, 29,85%.

Croats recently held parliamentary elections and are due to return to the polls before the end of the year to elect their president.