Deadly heatwave in Japan with at least 14 dead

japan heat wave Japan, KAZONAS

The heat wave that hit Japan during the festive three days cost the lives of 14 people, the media reported today, while the high temperatures make the work of rescue teams in the provinces in the western part of the country difficult, where at the end of last week, torrential rains caused huge floods and mudslides that killed 222 people, according to the latest Japanese police report, while about 20 other residents are still missing.

The mercury on Monday, the day of Japan's national holiday, exceeded 39 degrees Celsius in places, and combined with the high humidity, created extremely dangerous conditions, according to the Japanese Meteorological Service.

According to reports, at least 14 people lost their lives due to the heat, among them a 90-year-old woman who was found unconscious. Thousands more were hospitalized with symptoms of heat stroke or dehydration attributed to the heat.

High temperatures were also recorded in western Japan, a few days after record rainfall caused the worst landslides and floods in the country for decades, displacing 5.000 people and leaving 200.000 without water.

More than 60.000 firefighters, police and military are involved in the rescue operation.

Last year, 48 people died from May to September due to the heat, 31 of them in July, according to the fire and disaster management service.

The heat wave is due to two high barometers in Japan that cover much of the country and high temperatures are expected to continue throughout the week, if not longer, the meteorological service warned.