Deadly heatwave in Mexico: 155 dead since March

At least 2.567 cases of health problems due to "extreme temperatures"

Screenshot 5 17 HEAT, Mexico, DEAD

The toll of the victims of the heat wave which affects a large part of the territory of Mexico does not stop getting heavier and heavier, it has reached 155 dead, with thirty deaths recorded between June 13 and 18, the Ministry of Health announced yesterday Thursday.

At least 2.567 cases of health problems due to "extreme temperatures" have been recorded since March 17, according to its weekly bulletin, amid the extreme heat season (March-October).

The heat is extremely deadly in the state of Veracruz (east), along the Gulf of Mexico (56), in Tabasco, in the Yucatan Peninsula (18), as well as in three northern states (Tamaulipas, 17, Nuevo León, 12, San Luis Potosi, 11).

The deadly heat wave that hit the US, Mexico and Central American countries in late May and early June has become 35 times more likely because of climate change, experts from the World Weather Attribution (WWA) reporting network estimated on Thursday.

In Mexico, several cities set records, including the capital (34,7°C on May 25).

Due to high temperatures and lack of rain, the water level in dams remains very low and lakes are on the way to drying up.

But the situation turned sharply this week as Tropical Storm Alberto brought heavy rains that killed four people – including three children – in the northeastern state of Nuevo León.

The Ministry of Health warns that much of the country will continue to endure very high temperatures, which may even reach 45° Celsius in Baja California (northwest).

Dozens of monkeys died in forests of Tabasco and Chiapas (south), where temperatures higher than 40° Celsius were recorded.