Rumors are rife about preventing a coup attempt in Turkey

In the last twenty-four hours, the information that a conspiracy attempt was prevented has caused a sensation in Turkey

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In the last twenty-four hours, the information that a conspiracy attempt - or, according to some circles, even a coup attempt - against the Erdoğan government, "with the involvement of Mafia people and Police officers" was involved, has caused a sensation in Turkey.

According to DailySabah, the General Prosecutor's Office in Ankara announced on Wednesday that four civil servants, who worked in the organized crime unit of the capital's police, had been arrested. Those arrested include police chiefs who were allegedly involved in a plot against politicians.

The office said in a statement that police officers were "involved in an investigation into the claims of a 'secret eyewitness'" in a case against the organized crime boss arrested last year, Ayhan Bora Kaplan.

Earlier today, Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke of a "plan", without naming names, while Interior Minister Ali Gerlikaya pledged to fully investigate the plot.

Media reports indicate that the suspects sought to target people close to the government and politicians in a corruption investigation.

The person who allegedly leaked the information is a member of the mafia, Serdar Sercelik, number 2 in the hierarchy.

Sercelik, in revelations he allegedly made to the opposition newspaper Sozcu, states that, being in Cyprus and wanted in Turkey, he was called to Ankara, not to be arrested, but to give a statement, and was promised that he would then he was released.

According to his words, he presented himself to the ranks of the Turkish police in occupied Cyprus, from there he was sent by air to Ankara, where he was awaited by officers of the Directorate of Combating Organized Crime of the police.

In Ankara, he says, he was asked to become a protected witness, under the threat that if he did not accept, he would face life in prison.

Turkey: The witness signed a statement and disappeared abroad
According to ERT, the protected witness signed a 19-page statement and was released with restrictive conditions and a "bracelet", however he later fled abroad.

In his confession, Sercelik allegedly testified against government officials, according to Turkish press reports. However, police sources denied, according to Sozcu, that Sercelik implicated the names of former Interior Ministers Suleiman Soylu and Justice Bekir Boztag, as well as the director of the special office of the Presidency of the Republic, Hasan Dogan.

In the shadow of the uproar, the deputy police director of Ankara, the head of the Directorate for Combating Organized Crime and the deputy director of the same service were removed yesterday, by decision of the Minister of Interior Ali Gerlikaya.

Today it became known from the prosecution that three police directors and a police officer were arrested in the context of the related investigations, without naming them.

Erdogan's partner, Devlet Bakhceli, said that "it is a matter of the existence and honor of the Rule of Law to show this to everyone and put them all in jail", while he "pointed" as the perpetrators of the conspiracy the "Gülenists" (FETO), i.e. the followers of the preacher Fethullah Gülen, whom Ankara blames for the 2016 coup attempt.

"The time is coming when they will pay the price and they will not be able to escape the treacherous members of FETO at home and abroad and the so-called journalists who have been sold and recruited as their representatives," said Devlet Bakhceli, while Erdogan, addressing K . of the AKP, said:

"We cannot and will not allow to re-emerge phenomena of manipulation through the bureaucracy, which we have overcome in the last 21 years as a result of painstaking struggles. We follow every recent incident in the news in all its dimensions down to the smallest detail. Whoever deviates from the law, whoever makes a mistake, will definitely face his responsibilities based on the law. There is no excuse for not doing one's duty towards the country and the nation. For us, every second is a credit from our nation and we must spend it for our nation."

According to the Turkish service of the BBC, on Tuesday night Erdogan met at the presidential palace with the Minister of Justice, Yilmaz Tundz, and the head of the MIT intelligence service, Ibrahim Kalin.

Turkish Interior Minister Ali Gerlikaya, in a post on Twitter, said that "we will destroy those who are in league with terrorist organizations, their offshoots and organized crime organizations and anyone who tries to play tricks against our Mr. President, the government us and our politicians with FETO's tactics using social media and their tricks and traps."