Horrible death for well-known DJ: He was stabbed, beaten and scalded with hot water

His lifeless body was found dumped in the forest

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Popular Turkish DJ allegedly tortured to death in London by 'sadistic thugs' who inflicted 94 wounds

According to the medical examiner, the unfortunate man was repeatedly beaten with a bat, stabbed in the legs while locking his girlfriend in a bathroom for two days.

Mehmet Koray Alpergin, 43, and his 34-year-old girlfriend, Gozde Dalbudak, were abducted by six men near the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium as they returned home from an Italian restaurant in Mayfair on October 13, 2022, according to the Telegraph.

The perpetrators had probably installed a tracking device in the man's car.

The pair got into separate vehicles. Dalbudak was led at knifepoint to an empty bar.

The dj was found naked and dumped in a forest and had been subjected to horrific torture including beatings with a bat, stabbing his legs and suffering burns from having boiling water poured over him. His lifeless body was found by a man who had taken his dog for a walk in the forest.

Dalbudak was locked in the bar's toilet for two days,

Six men are on trial for the gruesome murder, accused of murder, kidnapping, false imprisonment and perverting the course of justice. "The prosecution alleges that Koray Alpergin was kidnapped and tortured either to be punished for something he had done or to force him to hand over something he knew – perhaps the whereabouts of either drugs or money – that his captors wanted to know." , the family's lawyer Crispin Aylett said to continue: "It is clear that before his death Koray Alpergin had been stripped and horribly tortured."

"From the number and nature of the injuries he sustained, it is easy to imagine that a group of sadistic thugs took turns injuring him, either by punching and kicking him, beating him with a club, scalding him with boiling water, or stabbing him in the legs ».

"The attack is linked to organized crime and almost certainly to drugs," Aylett added.

Alpergin, who owned the London-based Turkish-language radio station Bizim FM, had appeared troubled before his murder.

The popular DJ was also reportedly in debt, including about $40.000 on his car alone.

The defendants denied any involvement or participation in the dj's murder.

Source: protothema.gr