Horrific US infant death – Nanny left in vehicle for six hours

He wrapped it in a garbage bag and took it to the hospital dead

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Police in the US have arrested a 40-year-old woman who left an 11-month-old baby in a car for six hours in the heat of the day in Virginia, resulting in his tragic death.

The police investigation that led to the arrest of 40-year-old Kristen Graham began Tuesday afternoon when she was alerted to a dead baby delivered to a hospital in a black bag by an elderly man.

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When the police found the 40-year-old who had taken care of 17-year-old Ariana Wicker's baby a few days ago, she told them that it all started in the early hours of the same day after a friend of hers called her and asked her for a pack of cigarettes because he was taking care of her. an old man and could not leave him.

"So the baby got into the car along with a dog and they took it to a store where the 40-year-old bought a pack of cigarettes and a juice," a police spokesman said.

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Then, at around 8am on Tuesday, Graham returned to her home, closed the windows of her car and left the baby and dog inside while the temperature was 31 degrees Celsius.

According to police, the 40-year-old nanny fell asleep and woke up after receiving a call sometime between 14pm and 00pm on Tuesday. Only then did he go to the car and see that both the baby and the dog were dead.

The baby's nanny told officers the last thing she remembers was parking and turning off her engine. To justify himself, he claimed that he had taken a muscle relaxant.

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When the underage mother learned the tragic news she "started screaming" when her roommate informed her of her child's death.

So far, the 40-year-old is accused of negligence, but it is possible that the charge against her will be upgraded to homicide.

Source: protothema.gr