Gaza: Five dead and 400 wounded

gaza 1 GAZA

At least five Palestinians have been killed and more than 400 injured in Israeli airstrikes during protests and clashes on the Israeli border with the Gaza Strip, according to the Gaza Ministry of Health.

The protests came a week after violent incidents in the same area. On March 30, 19 Palestinians were killed and about 1400 were injured in a Palestinian demonstration calling for the return of refugees and an end to the Israeli blockade of Gaza. It was the heaviest toll in a day after the war. 2014 between Israel and Hamas.

Today, thousands of Palestinians gathered again near the security fence separating Israeli territory from the Hamas-controlled Palestinian enclave. Clashes broke out in many places along the border. Protesters set fire to car tires and threw stones at Israeli soldiers, causing heavy smoke to cover the area, according to AFP correspondents in the area. The Israeli soldiers responded with tear gas and live ammunition.

According to the Israeli army, about 20.000 Palestinians gathered near the border, especially east of the cities of Khan Yunis and Gaza. Some were involved in the incidents and "attempted to cause damage and break the security fence…".

In addition, according to the Israeli army, protesters fired explosive devices and Molotov cocktails, and Israeli forces responded with "riot gear and bullets."

The Israeli embassy is talking about a terrorist campaign by Hamas, which is under the cover of violent demonstrations for the violation of the Israeli border.