Giant lizard sows panic in supermarket (VIDEO)

The video went viral

Giant lizard sowed panic in a supermarket

A video went viral showing a huge lizard smashing shelves and sowing chaos in a supermarket in Thailand.

The video, posted on Twitter by the Thai travel agency Mundo Nomada, shows the huge lizard climbing on the shelves of a supermarket and throwing down various products. Terrified customers are heard screaming, but others burst out laughing as the reptile climbs to the top and stands to catch its breath, apparently… satisfied with the chaos it has caused.

According to the travel agency, the protagonist of the lizard episode belongs to a species of Asian water lizards, which are often found in Bangkok and other parts of Thailand and feed on carrion. Although they look friendly, these lizards need to be treated with extreme caution, as their sharp teeth can cause enormous damage to tendons and veins, as their bite is worse than that of a rattlesnake.