Gislein Maxwell: She handed vulnerable girls to her tycoon to abuse them

He used the same excuse over and over again to get the girls to touch Epstein, the massage.

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The 59-year-old committed sex trafficking and handed vulnerable girls to her tycoon to abuse them, the Prosecution claimed - Ever since Eva was accused of tempting Adam with the apple, women have been accused of men's misdeeds, the lawyer pointed out of Maxwell
Gislein Maxwell "knew exactly what Epstein would do to the children he sent him" and was complicit in the crimes committed against minors and vulnerable girls by the pedophile tycoon, the assistant prosecutor claimed in her introductory statement on the first day of her 59-year trial.

In the crowded courtroom in Manhattan, jurors heard prosecutor Lara Pomerange accuse Maxwell of "heinous crimes", stressing that she "targeted vulnerable young girls, manipulated them" and handed them over to sexually abused. "He trafficked these girls for sex. "This is the essence of this trial," Pomerang said.

"Maxwell was Epstein's best friend and right hand man. She was involved in every aspect of his life. They were accomplices σε He used the same excuse over and over again to get the girls to touch Epstein, the massage. We will show you how the pretext of massage was the main way in which the accused and Epstein lured girls into sexual abuse. ", added Pomerang, giving a first picture of Maxwell's "technique"."The accused massaged Epstein in front of the girls, and then encouraged them to do the same. But what finally happened in these massage rooms was sexual abuse… Sometimes she was present in the room and touched the girls σώ σώ But even when she was not in the room, rest assured: I knew exactly what would Epstein do to these children if he sent them to the special massage rooms? ".

"When the accused was sending a 14-year-old girl to an adult man, she knew exactly what was going to happen. It was dangerous. "He set traps for young girls to be raped by a sexual predator."

Gislein Maxwell, daughter of the late "baron" of the press Robert Maxwell, pleads not guilty to all six charges against her in connection with her alleged involvement in the sexual crimes of Jeffrey Epstein against adult girls. It is recalled that the billionaire pedophile committed suicide in his cell in August 2019, almost a month after his arrest for a series of crimes, including sex trafficking. If it turns out in court that Maxwell was involved in the abuse of the girls he exploited while the pedophile tycoon was alive and found guilty, then he faces up to 80 years in prison.

In her first appearance in court on Monday, however, Maxwell appeared quite calm, according to the international media that were in the courtroom. Wearing a cream sweater and black pants, she entered the Manhattan courthouse around 8.30am (local time) and greeted her sister, who was sitting in the front row of the courtroom, winking. According to the Daily Mail, during the introductory statements of Pomerang and her lawyer, her face did not express any particular emotion, and she occasionally took notes.

Bobby Sternheim, head of Maxwell's legal team, used an. Old Testament parallel in his introductory statement to explain to jurors that his client was "punished" for Epstein's crimes. "Ever since Eve was accused of tempting Adam with the apple, women have been held accountable for men's misbehavior, and often portrayed as more vicious and punished more harshly than men." Epstein did. But she is not Jeffrey Epstein. He is not like Jeffrey Epstein. "And he is not like any other strong man, tycoon, media giant who abuses women."

With information from Guardian, BBC, Daily Mail