Parents sold their child for an… iPhone – They wanted to upload better photos to Instagram

The couple, struggling financially, inexplicably managed to get hold of Apple's latest mobile device, the iPhone 14, and embarked on a journey across the state of Bengal

couple sells 8 month old baby for iphone 14 Strange

In a shocking incident that has left the nation stunned, a heartless couple from the Indian state of West Bengal has been arrested for the unthinkable act of selling their own 8-month-old child to fulfill their wish for an iPhone 14 and making memories, that they would post on Instagram during his travels.

The story came to light last week as media across India reported on the case of Jaydev and Sathi Ghosh, a couple whose actions left their community stunned. The couple, who are known to have struggled financially in the past, inexplicably managed to get their hands on Apple's latest mobile device, the iPhone 14, and embarked on a journey across the state of Bengal, showing off their newfound acquisition to anyone who wanted to. seen.

Neighbors became suspicious when the Ghosh couple showed off their extravagant new gadget, considering their record of modest incomes and financial hardship. The absence of their 8-month-old son only added to the mystery, as Jaydev and Sathi seemed remarkably unconcerned about his well-being.

Alarmed by the situation, the couple's neighbors eventually alerted the local authorities about the toddler's unexplained disappearance. As the police investigation unfolded, the parents admitted the unthinkable truth: she had sold their own child to another woman, all in order to finance the purchase of the iPhone 14 and their escapades across the state. The purpose of these trips was to create content for Instagram, a revelation that surprised many.

A police official involved in the investigation shared, “After questioning, the mother confessed to the crime and informed that she and her husband wanted to use the money to travel across the state so they could create content for the Instagram".

Worryingly, it appears that the couple's actions did not stop at selling their infant. Reports say they also made an attempt to sell their 7-year-old daughter, an attempt that thankfully did not bear fruit. Authorities were able to locate the 8-month-old child. All members involved, including the child's biological parents and the guardian, are now facing charges of human trafficking, which highlights the seriousness of their actions.

Source: Gazzetta