The penguin revolution: They refuse to eat cheap food because of inflation

Penguins in an aquarium refuse to eat the cheapest food they are now offered because of inflation

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The penguins and otters in an aquarium of hers Japanese they are dealing with the aftermath of inflation and rejecting the new, cheaper foods offered to them by site officials after a big price hike.

As part of the effort to cut costs and reduce expenses, the aquarium Hakone, in the region Kanagawa of the central one Japanese, southwest of Tokio, he removed some of the traditional and more expensive foods, such as horse mackerel, in favor of the cheaper mackerel.

But this change to the menu was not welcomed by all with some of the penguins turning up their beaks in disgust when it was time to eat.

"At first they take it in their mouths, but then they decide they don't like it and throw it away", he explains to AFP the aquarium manager Hiroki Shimamoto.

He believes that the irreconcilables penguins they probably disagreed with the size of their new meals being larger than usual.

"They sense that something is wrong", He notes.

The problem is even more intense with the aquarium's otters, who rejected it en masse cheaper fish, points out Shimamoto.

Aquarium officials said they made the decision to change the menu after prices for the saffron rose within a year by 20 with 30%, partly due to poor fishing.

The aquarium still buys smolts for feed, but has no plans to switch back to them exclusively unless prices drop, Shimamoto concludes.

"It all depends on when things get back to normal".