The Italian parliament has given a vote of confidence to the government of Giuseppe Conte

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The government of Giuseppe Conte received a vote of confidence from the Italian parliament, with 350 votes in favor, 236 against and 35 abstentions.

The government of the League and Five Stars had received the third vote of confidence from the senate of Rome and by a large majority, is now officially taking office.

Conte: We will negotiate the gradual reduction of the debt

The issue of the country's public debt was mentioned by the new Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte during his deuterology in the parliament of Rome, before the vote of confidence in his government.

"We want to negotiate on this front, that of gradual debt reduction. "We have to see how we can do that," said the Italian prime minister and professor of economics.

"We will go to Europe to express a political approach to the issue," added Conte, who reiterated that his government "wants to launch a large public structural investment program that could be financed under the deficit." but without creating a problem for the sustainability of the public economy ".