Queen Elizabeth's reaction when she found a slug in her salad

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If nothing else, the queen has a sense of humor

A slug was found in her salad by Queen Elizabeth and her reaction was by no means what one would expect. Fortunately, that is, for her former personal chef, Charles Oliver.

The incredible incident is described in Oliver's book, Dinner at Buckingham Palace, who wrote it after the end of his many years in the Palace. The book in question describes many incidents starring members of the royal family, but this one with Elizabeth's salad stands out, especially for the way the queen handled it.

Elizabeth seems to have a notebook, in which she notes daily any remarks she has to make about her meal. Usually, the notebook remains empty, as it has no particular oddities with food. But, a page was filled in, when he had found the slug on her plate.

Specifically, the queen had written then: "I found this in my salad. You, could you eat it? And next to the note stuck the "finding". In this way, she scolded her chef, while proving that she also has a sense of humor.