The country where mothers secretly vaccinate their children

Against the religious dogma that forbids modern medicine

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There are still countries struggling with the specter of measles. And if in the western world this sounds strange in Zimbabwe, it is a daily struggle for survival after the deadly cases detected in the country.

There, mothers have to make a whole plan to vaccinate their children, because for religious reasons believers are forbidden to resort to modern medicine.

So in a clinic in the Zimbabwean capital, Harare, mothers secretly from the men and elders of the family, consult with the doctors and nurses and give measles vaccines to their children, in the early hours of the morning when the clinic is not working normally. clinic.

Under the guise of agricultural work or harvesting drinking water, they take their children and through a hidden door enter the clinic and administer the life-saving vaccine.

The doctors tried to inform the women after seeing that the men in the country were skeptical or strongly opposed because of the traditions they have.

The effort paid off when the maternal filter overcame prejudices.

More than 700 infants have died in the country due to measles, and we can only imagine how much higher that number would have been if mothers had not taken risks to vaccinate them in secret.