Google will lay off its employees who are not vaccinated

Those who are not vaccinated will go on unpaid leave and will later be fired

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Google has reportedly informed its employees that those who do not comply with the company's vaccination policy will eventually lose their jobs, according to a report cited by CNBC.

An internal memo owned by the American channel states that staff members must post their vaccination certificates. Those who do not do so will be put on unpaid leave and later fired.

Google insists on pushing back employees to the office, and expects those returning to the facility to be vaccinated.

According to the British BBC, "Google did not deny the accuracy of the report about the leaked memo".

A spokesman for the colossus said: "As we have stated in the past, vaccination requirements are one of the most important ways to keep our workforce safe by ensuring a continuous supply of our services."

"We are committed to doing everything possible to help our employees get vaccinated to do so, we remain committed to our vaccination policy."