He was in a coma for almost a year and woke up in a world with a pandemic

The 19-year-old contracted coronavirus twice while hospitalized after a car accident (PICTURE)

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Joseph Flavill, 19, was hit by a car and spent 11 months in a coma.

And now that he woke up he has no memory of the coronavirus. Although he stuck twice Covid-19.

Flavill was swept away by a car on his way home to Britain on March 1, three weeks before England's first lockdown.

He has been in a coma ever since and woke up a few weeks ago, smiling at his family. The young man spent 6 months in Leicester hospital, before being transferred to a rehabilitation center 4 months ago.

The teenager was hit twice by a coronavirus, once while in a coma in the hospital and once when he had recovered from the hospital. And he recovered from both infections.

Flavill is making great progress in the few weeks he has been awake, now shaking his limbs. He communicates with his family by opening and closing his eyes and smiling.

Because of the pandemic, of which he has no recollection, his family cannot visit him and communicate exclusively via video call.

Source: Newsbeast.gr