The girl who sleeps 15 times a day (video)

The rare phenomenon and the difficulties faced by the young girl

The girl who sleeps 15 times a day

23-year-old Bale suffers from a rare form of narcolepsy, where she falls asleep 15 times a day. This rare disease causes her hallucinations of permanent fatigue, while it is dangerous to drive and even walk alone, as there is a risk of hitting her head in case of falling to the ground.

Despite her misfortune, she has the support of her mother and her partner who stand like rocks in her struggle for a "normal life".

"People who suffer from narcotics feel like a normal person who has to deal with a working day after 48 hours of insomnia. That's how I feel every day, "Bell Hat said in a mini-documentary about her life.

Her acquaintance with her current partner is funny since at first she thought she had an alcohol problem. When she was convinced that the sleep that Bale was in was not the product of a night out with large doses of alcohol, but a condition that afflicts her, she did not hesitate for a moment to have a relationship with her.

In fact, now they live together in Amsterdam and despite the difficulties, they declare that they are terribly in love and ready to face anything.

There is no cure for this condition, but exercise has been shown to help with how often drowsiness occurs due to the adrenaline released into the body after exercise. This fact led to her involvement with gymnastics professionally since she now works as a personal trainer.