Russia has created its own Instagram, Rossgram

The answer to the well-known social networking platform came from Russia, which made its own equivalent under the name ... Rossgram

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The answer to the well-known social networking platform, Instagram, came from Russia, which made its own equivalent under the name… Rossgram.

Following the Kremlin's decision to disconnect from all services of the American technology giant Meta, which owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, came the replacement of one of the most successful Social Media in the world with his Russian… brother.

Restrictions and sanctions, including technological ones, are being increased by the West towards Russia, with the latter responding with exclusions of use by its users. Penalties and restrictions, however, create severe problems in the daily lives of users, who can now use their profiles on these platforms only through VPN. In other words, by changing their location, it appears that their IPs have been connected from another country and thus they still have access to the specific applications.


The Kremlin also blocked access to Instagram

Instagram, the social networking platform owned by US giant Meta, is no longer accessible to Russia as the Kremlin accuses it of inciting violence against Russians over Russia's attack on Ukraine.

As of this morning, the Refresh application does not work on Instagram, which is no longer accessible without a VPN.

Instagram is now on the list of "restricted access" sites, published by the Russian telecommunications and media censorship body Roskomnadzor.

The list includes Facebook and Twitter and many media outlets critical of the Kremlin.

Russia blocked Facebook and Twitter

The country's communications regulator announced on Friday that it had blocked Twitter and Facebook in response - it claims - to restrictions on access to Russian media on its platform, according to Reuters, citing Interfax.

The Russian regulator, Roskomnadzor, said there had been 26 cases of discrimination against Russian media by Facebook since October 2020, with limited access to state channels such as RT and the RIA news agency.

META announced this week that it had restricted access to RT and Sputnik throughout the European Union and had downgraded content worldwide from Russian state-owned Facebook pages and Instagram accounts, as well as posts containing links to that's all.