Justin Bieber's shocking confession about hard drugs and abuse

Unexpectedly revealing

Justin Bieber's shocking confession about hard drugs and abuse

Along with the magnitude of his success, however, various rumors began to circulate about his personal life and the bad habits that appeared one after the other. Now, the singer is married to Hailey Baldwin and seems to have felt the need to write about his life and admit many of the things that have been blamed on him in recent years.

"Have you noticed the statistics of the children - stars and the outcome of their lives? There is a crazy pressure and responsibilities that fall on a child, whose mind, emotions and frontal lobes (decisions) are not yet developed.

You know, I did not grow up in a stable house, my parents were 18 divorced, with no money, still young and rebellious. My whole world turned upside down. From a 13 year old boy from a small town to being praised left and right in the world, with millions saying how much they loved me and how incredible I am. I do not know about you, but modesty comes with age.

I started taking very heavy drugs when I was 19 and abusing all relationships. I became bitter, I did not respect women and I was angry. I became distant from all those who loved me and hid behind a human shell that I had become. I felt like I could not change it. It took me years to recover from all these bad decisions, repair broken relationships, and change my relationship habits.

Fortunately, God has blessed me with incredible people who love me for me. Now, I am going through the best period of my life 'MARRIAGE'! Which is an incredible new obligation. You learn patience, trust, kindness, modesty and all these things that a good person has ".