The shocking story of two girls who were adopted and experienced hell (IMAGES)

"Our father was very perverted"

The shocking story of two girls who were adopted and experienced hell

When photographer Brandon Stanton embarked on an ambitious project to photograph 10.000 people in New York and learn a few details from their lives, he could not have imagined that a click on his camera would bring to light a shocking case of abuse of two adopted girls. by the wrong person.

The project led to a book that became a bestseller and then expanded to other cities with new books to follow.

But the story that stood out and shocked the Americans is the story of two girls from Louisiana, who were adopted by an elderly couple. The girls, before ending up with the couple who would make their lives hell, had spent two years in foster families that were deemed unfit to raise children.

The elderly couple's house was isolated, without a house within a radius of kilometers. The first thing they did was to separate the brothers into separate rooms so that they would not communicate many times during the day.

For years they were subjected to sexual abuse, beatings, daily psychological violence. The school psychologist the girls went to realized something after ten years, and when she contacted the house then the real hell began. Those two 24 hours after the phone call went like a century, but the girls managed to escape from the only window they found unlocked.

They jumped from quite high heights and started running away from home and sadistic adoptive parents. The couple's husband chased them in the car but the children took advantage of the dense vegetation and found themselves in the city and asked for help.

"I remember looking behind me and seeing his truck speeding on the dirt road. We knew there would be no going back. "We never saw the house where we grew up."


via: e-Daily