Theresa May sees business people for Brexit

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Prime Minister Theresa May will face pressure from businessmen today to speed up negotiations with the European Union amid concerns that Britain may leave the world's largest trade union without an agreement.

May has invited 15 business groups from Britain and mainland Europe for talks to urge them to support her Brexit strategy and persuade companies not to relocate.

The meeting comes amid slow progress in EU exit talks, which has caused business turmoil and led to warnings that unless a transitional period is agreed soon, some may start activating Brexit contingency plans. .

The European Business Association, which will attend the talks, said last month that it was "very concerned" about the slow pace of the Brexit talks and called on the British government to make proposals that could speed them up.

BusinessEurope is an association representing companies from 34 European countries, including the United Kingdom. Progress at next month's Brussels summit is seen as an important milestone in the talks as companies demand clarity by the new year, when many will make investment decisions depending on the post-Brexit conditions.

May has stepped up her business contacts in recent months, meeting regularly with British lobbyists and senior officials, but the government has not given much detail about what the future trade deal will look like.

Today's meeting will, for the first time, expand this program to include representatives of industry groups from Germany, France, Italy, Spain and other Member States, as well as British and European organizations.

Representatives from the business world will meet May as well as Business Secretary Greg Clark, Brexit Secretary David Davis and Undersecretary of Finance Steven Barkley.