Queen Elizabeth rejects the "Elderly of the Year" award because "you are only as big as you feel"

He refused "politely but categorically"

elizabet1 Queen, QUEEN ELIZABETH

Queen Elizabeth refused the honor that the British magazine Oldie wanted to do her, declaring her "Old Woman of the Year", saying that "you are only as great as you feel".

Oldie Magazine is aimed at older Britons, focusing mainly on British tradition and classic old-fashioned habits, as a "light-hearted compensation to a press obsessed with youth and celebrities".

The 95-year-old monarch refused "politely but categorically", with the magazine publishing in its latest issue its response from its assistant special secretary Tom Lang-Baker: "Her Majesty believes that you are as great as you feel and therefore the The queen does not believe that she meets the criteria to be accepted and she hopes to find a more worthy recipient of the award ".

Previous winners of the award with a history of 29 years are the wife of Queen Duke of Edinburgh Philip, actress Olivia de Havilland and painter David Hockney.