NATO satisfied with US-British-French joint venture

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The successful action of the three allies, the US, France and Britain, has significantly reduced the Syrian regime's ability to carry out chemical attacks, while at the same time acting as a deterrent to the future use of such weapons, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said today. , after the meeting of the North Atlantic Council.

According to the Secretary-General, all NATO member states, without exception, welcomed the action of the three allies and its results.

NATO ambassadors agreed that the use of chemical weapons "should never take place without consequences" and that "under no circumstances should it be considered normal".

Jens Stoltenberg pointed out that "100 years after World War I", where chemicals were used on the battlefields of Flanders, the goal of NATO allies internationally should be to strengthen the treaty on the prohibition of chemical weapons "and not its erosion ".

NATO Secretary General

The North Atlantic Council held an emergency meeting in Brussels, where France, the United States and Britain reported on the military and civilian measures taken, but presented evidence that the Syrian regime was indeed behind the chemical attacks, particularly in the Duma.

The United States, France and Britain have said the operation was aimed only at reducing what is needed to reduce Syria's ability to produce chemical weapons and prevent future attacks. All NATO Allies have expressed their support for the operation.

In addition, according to the Secretary General, NATO calls on the Syrian regime, and Russia and Iran, which support it, to allow unimpeded access to humanitarian aid in the region.

He called for international action and support for the International Atomic Energy Agency, whose verification mission is being blocked by Russia at the Security Council.

Finally, he called on Russia to press the Syrian regime to return to the dialogue table in Geneva to find a permanent political solution.