USA: Unthinkable crime – He killed and dismembered his pregnant sister because she was 'no longer pure'

The unfortunate 30-year-old was 18 weeks pregnant when her brother killed her

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The news from the US of the murder of 30-year-old pregnant Bethany Israel by her 23-year-old brother Jack Joseph Ball is causing shock because, as she allegedly told the police, she was "no longer pure".

The brutal crime came to light last Tuesday in Minnesota, USA, when relatives of the 30-year-old woman, who was 18 weeks pregnant, became concerned because she had shown no signs of life after having dinner with her brother.

When the police entered the house where the 30-year-old lived with her 23-year-old brother, they found dismembered human body parts and notes from the fratricide in which he wrote that he was angry with his sister because she was pregnant and "she was no longer pure".

Also found in the house were large bloodstains on the kitchen floor, under the sink and on pipes, a bloody saw, a bloody ax and large knives covered in blood.

After an investigation, the police found the 23-year-old man in the backyard of a neighboring house covered in blood on his head, T-shirt, legs, hands and pants, while they found that he had self-injured his neck.

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“My husband heard a woman scream. After a minute, another voice was heard and a car accelerating," said a neighbor.

After Ball's first appearance via video call from the hospital where he is being treated, the judge ordered him held on $2 million bail.