USA / VIDEO: Wild wood in a meeting room - Even chairs fell

A conference room was turned into an arena into a hotel, when the delegates argued, blood was shed and they came to grips. At one point the camera even caught chairs being thrown into the air.

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The incident happened during a conference at Harrah's Hotel in Atlantic City. At one point the delegates disagreed with each other and a fierce quarrel broke out in the conversation.

Dozens of men were beating each other with punches and kicks while at some point, some started throwing chairs in the air aimed at the heads of the delegates.

The wood began in the conference room and soon spread to the dining room and the scenes that followed were of infinite beauty. Of course, there were not a few who set aside, took out their mobile phones and recorded the scenes that took place in front of them.

Wood and in the security of the hotel

When the fight broke out, hotel security men tried to get in the middle to separate them but it was too late. The delegates started playing wood with them as well.

Eventually the police had to intervene to calm the spirits. In fact, in an announcement, she confirmed that a person was injured and transported to the hospital, without risking his life.

However, the reason why the delegates came to power with so much violence so far has not become known.