USA: Children were found in a house with a corpse

Police say the parents "did not live in the apartment for several months"

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The news from the USA that three children were found abandoned in a house in Houston, along with a corpse believed to belong to their brother, causes horror.

According to police, the children appear to have been in the home with the body for a year.

The eldest 15-year-old allegedly told police that his 9-year-old brother had died and was with them in the next room.

Houston authorities say they have found bones in the toddler's room and an investigation is under way to determine who they belong to. The other 2 children aged seven and ten were malnourished and showed signs of injury.

Police believe their parents have been missing for months. The children's mother and her partner were questioned but were released without charge.

The police spokesman spoke of a tragic and extremely horrific story.